VMD offers the following services in the scope of technological installation:

  • Implementation of medical gas systems, including the construction of pipe networks, gas and compressed air centers, installation of reception areas and warning systems;
  • Installation of ward and intensive care bed head units using the latest LED lights, construction of voice connected nurse-call systems, also with DECT telephones;
  • For MR Devices: construction and reconstruction/modernization of RF cabins, reparation of shielding, unique noise absorbing suspension installed with UPS indirect LED lighting and other designer lights;
  • Ionizing radiation protection for CT and X-Ray areas;
  • Installation and maintenance of cooling and air conditioning systems;
  • Installation of ventilation systems using pre-insulated sandwich panels manufactured on the spot, as well as construction of sterile and clean positive pressure ventilation systems.

Zoltán Berecz
business unit manager
Tel: +36 1 796-0321