Thanks to the experience of our experts and our extensive knowledge of the domestic and international markets, VMD offers technological and technical planning, expertise, controlling, as well as brand-independent consulting services at the highest level. Our independent position on the market guarantees that our professional consulting services comply with the best price-performance ratio in each of our projects, matching our clients’ individual needs.

VMD is present on the medical equipment market as a direct manufacturer as well as a brand independent supplier. Our goal is to supply the health care market with the best quality products which can be provided thanks to our strategic collaboration with the major international and domestic manufacturers.

We offer special solutions in the operating room development area. The latest integrated operating rooms as well as the block scheduling concepts are the most modern workstations of the 21st century improved by the latest IT innovations. We can offer up-to-date developments that proactively assist the caring for patients and generally the work of doctors and health care professionals in the operating rooms and that optimize the efficient utilization of the latter.

No successful surgery can be realized without an anaesthesiology department and an intensive care unit (ICU). The ICU provides the intensive treatment, care and monitoring for endangered patients whose vital organs operation overturned. Safety and efficiency level of patient care can be increased considerably with a well-equipped anaesthesiology department and an intensive care unit (ICU). VMD offers numerous solutions to that end, developed by our cooperative partners, such as anaesthetic breathing machines, monitoring and fever sheet systems used for patient monitoring and up-to date, easy to use IT software.

VMD has a considerable experience in planning, installation, construction, and facility operation of radiology and other types of diagnostic centers.

We also offer solutions in the area of oncology:
Our experts have extensive knowledge about the latest Radiation therapy equipments, image fusion, contouring, and planning systems, which provide options for both ordinary curative, and for special IGRT or stereotactic irradiation. Modular software containing patients’ complete clinical and radio therapeutic data can be configured to suit individual needs, and can be attached to new or even to already existing devices. These products help the oncological workflow in all stages, from cancer through the clinical therapy and radiation therapy planning, to the long-term monitoring of patients’ health. Our dosimetry and recording systems make our offer complete.