More than 25 years of professional experience.

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VMD Hospital Technology plays a significant role in the Hungarian medical market. During the past two decades we have become one of the most important market-integrators in the field of medical devices and consumables in Hungary.

The ultimate goal of our company is to respond to our customers’ needs through solutions that conform to the latest technologies and methods in health care. VMD provides modern technologies to enable the professional development of health care professionals, and to keep them up-to-date with the latest health care methods. We also offer holistic solutions for our clients to modernize their medical facilities and to achieve economic efficiency in the operation of their institution.

The main motivation behind our activities is people’s health, which basically defines our company's mission and the purpose of each project in the field of health care. Our mission is to improve patients’ quality of life by providing widely available and applicable, highly secured and functional medical products.

VMD, as one of the most significant market-integrators in the area of health care, offers complex solutions for its clients. Such as:

  • medical technology design;
  • individual solutions to our clients in project planning, construction, implementation, operation and integrated project management;
  • design, installation, operation and maintenance of medical gas systems, nurse-call systems, and bed head units;
  • design and supply of interior furniture from waiting room chairs to medical laboratory furniture;
  • supply and maintenance of medical tools and devices ranging from surgical scalpels to digital imaging equipments;
  • supply of medical disposables and consumables, operation and management of warehouse and consignation system;
  • fund raising;