IT division:

HIS / PACS – Electronic health record:
VMD as an independent designer offers a range of products that completely meets the customers’ demands, being up-to-date with and aware of the advantages offered by the domestic and international market participants’ products and services. Following the installation we perform the integration of hospital information systems and subsystems and provide complete technical support.

Oncology - Physics:
The TPR (radiation therapy planning software) has been included in our portfolio in 2012, and since then the support of the following health care institutions has also begun:

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Markusovszky University Teaching Hospital, Szombathely
  • University of Debrecen
In addition to the implementation and training of TPR, we also organize workshops for representatives of the domestic industry, thus ensuring continuous improvement.

Research, development and innovation are also part of our everyday tasks. Our goal is to develop medical technology products that improve patients’ quality of life.

Energy efficiency system:
VMD has developed an innovative product in facility technology and launched an energy efficiency system. Recent trends in the health care sector show an increasing need of analysis of the energy loss of medical plants, to identify the weak points of the energetic system. Consequently, we offer an energy consumption information system to identify losses, which generates energy loss reports and energy balances (including tables and diagrams) at the touch of a button. Due to our experience in health care, improving the efficiency of the energy consumption is becoming an important issue for health care facilities, as energy prices are raising. By applying our IT-System for energy loss control, the institutions can save substantial costs without the need of the support of an external expert. On the other hand, actual information about the energy system is available any time.

VMD provides ESWL (Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy) service in the mark of urological device operation. We have developed a model that meets the high technical requirements of the hospital’s needs. In addition, we are about to introduce a mobile urodynamic service, which is a unique form of health care service in Hungary.

Zoltán Berecz
energy efficiency system operation
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